Welcome new child to the classroom

Depending on the school schedule, a child could transition into the Primary community either from the toddler classroom in the school or be a new student to the class & school.

Transitions could happen year around or at set times during the year, like twice a year.

Either way it is extremely important to meet with the parents a week or two before the day the child is expected to move in – Have a “Transition meeting”.

Never overlook the importance of the transition meeting – it is your opportunity to get a feel of the parents, understand their expectations and convey the classroom guidelines to them.

Before the transition meeting, I try to get some paper work about the child from the school administration so I can review it and get a feel of the child.

At the meeting, I introduce myself to the parents and proceed to have a open discussion with them.

Some questions I ask are as follows: 

Do you have an understanding of the Montessori philosophy?

Do you have any questions about the transition?

What are your expectations for your child?

What does your child like to do – what are some of his/her favorite things to do(* these can be stuff that you can introduce to the child during the 1st week or so to make them comfortable).

Food allergies/restriction?

How is your child with toileting? do they need reminders to use the toilet? How are they with wiping?

Then go over the following with parents….

Work cycle starts promptly at 8:00 am

Importance of 3-hour work cycle

Mode of Communication with teachers

Things required for the Primary classroom

Class schedule – work time, playtime, lunch, nap time

Drop -off and pick up guidelines

Parent-teacher conferences/parent events/participation in class activities.

Go over how child may regress in toileting or have tears in the first few weeks after transition as they adjust to the new environment.


End the meeting with ” I am always available if you have any questions or Please email me if I can help with anything else during the transition”.

I will be sending the welcome letter to you in a day or two with all the details about the classroom schedule and guidelines. (Read my other blog post about the Welcome letter)

Excited to have your child join our community !!

Published by

Geetha Nagarajan

My name is Geetha. I was introduced to Montessori as a parent and then choose it to be my career. I have over 13 years of experience in a Montessori primary classroom. I have a Masters Degree in Plant Sciences from India and a Masters in Educational Leadership from UNT (Denton, TX) and my Montessori Early childhood certification from American Montessori Society (AMS).

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