Number Roll


Older children in the Montessori Primary classroom learn to count the numbers 1-100 with the Hundred board; the decimal system and the concept of place value with the “Grand layout” work; 4-digit addition with Golden beads; skip counting to get to the square and cube of a number with the Short and Long chains.

Then they are encouraged to do the “Number roll”, wherein they count and write from 1-1000.

This is very easy to do at home with the older children.

Materials required: Grid paper, pencil, scissors, glue

Grids can be created on Excel on the computer or can be hand drawn with a ruler and pencil.

Cut grid paper after every ‘4th’ square.

The 4 squares represent Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Units(From Left to Right).

Write ‘1’ in the rightmost square on the top row.

Continue until ‘9’ going downwards.

For ’10’, you need to write ‘1’ in the 2nd from right square and ‘0’ in the rightmost square. Continue until 99 in the same way going downwards, gluing ‘4’ squares strip to the previous one.

Usually children prefer to do 3-4 strips each day, so this activity to write up to 1000, could take almost a week to finish, if they work on it consistently each day.

Children usually take great pride in doing this work and feel extremely accomplished to have counted up to 1000.

Check out montessorireflections_geetha on Instagram for the pictures /video for this activity.

Published by

Geetha Nagarajan

My name is Geetha. I was introduced to Montessori as a parent and then choose it to be my career. I have over 13 years of experience in a Montessori primary classroom. I have a Masters Degree in Plant Sciences from India and a Masters in Educational Leadership from UNT (Denton, TX) and my Montessori Early childhood certification from American Montessori Society (AMS).

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