About US


I am Geetha. 

A Montessori Parent, Educator, School Assistant Director,  Blogger.

A “Passionate Montessori Practitioner”

I got introduced to Montessori as a parent when I was looking for schools for my then young child. I fell in love with the philosophy and went to get my training to be in the classroom.

>>B.S Genetics
>>M.S Plant Sciences
>>M.S Educational Leadership
>>Montessori certification(CCCCD)
>>American Montessori Society( AMS) Certified Early Childhood Teacher
>>Texas Director’s Credential

>>Over 13 years of classroom experience
>>Assistant Director at a Montessori School
>>Curriculum Coordinator
>>Host of School Parent Education events

>>Java Certified Programmer(Sun Microsystems)

>>Over 800 Montessori inspired learning activities shared on Instagram Platform

I strive to combine the analytical skills from my science and computer background with a deep understanding of the Montessori Philosophy gained from years  of classroom experience to provide a holistic well rounded learning experience to all children in  the classroom & at home.

I blog my thoughts, tips, learnings from the Montessori philosophy and my experiences in the classroom. Do check it out by clicking on “Blog” in the main menu.