Is there a contract?
No. You pay for the week you are interested to do virtual learning.

How do we enroll?
Check “Virtual Learning” Tab on Main menu for all details.

When is the payment due?
Payment is due by 6 pm U.S Central time on Saturday, prior to your Virtual Learning week.

How long is the class?
Class is 45 minutes/ day

Are the classes 1:1(teacher: student ratio)?
Classes are not 1:1 because social interaction is an important part of child’s development during the ages of 3-6. Some classes may be 1:1 based on the time slot and depending on individual family needs like break for vacation/sickness etc. However, all effort would be made to group children of similar ages/abilities to ensure smooth flow of the learning process for each individual child. For example, a young child who turned ‘3’ recently will not be combined with a 4 year old working with numbers & letters in the same class.

Is the class 100% online?
Yes, classes are 100% online done through Zoom calls.

What happens once I make a payment?
An email with zoom link and list of activities/worksheets will be sent out to you.

Should we buy Montessori materials?
No, MONTLE activities use common household items.

Are there any supplies required for the classes?
Yes, basic classroom supplies like paper, pencils, scissors, glue, clip board etc will be required. In addition, based on the age and ability of the child, some activities may require items like beads, tissue paper, pipe cleaners/chenille stems, cardboard ,paint etc.

Will a list of materials be provided to the parents?
Yes , list will be provided to the parents once payment is received.

What are the time slots available?
5 days/week: 2:00-2:45 pm or 3:00-3:45 pm

Weekend slots coming soon – Stay tuned !!

Can we change the chosen slot during the week?
No, once the slot has been chosen for the week, it cannot be changed during that same week.

Should the parent be present during the class?
It is initially recommended for the parent to be there by the child or in the same room as the child during the class, until the child gets comfortable with the class and the teacher.

Will there be homework?
Based on the age and abilities of the child, the teacher will recommend activities to be done/completed at home in between classes.

Can classes be rescheduled ?
Considering the logistics of planning and organizing a virtual class, they cannot be rescheduled .If an emergency situation arises , please email Geetha@montleathome.com as early as you can with the details. A decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Can I get a refund of missed classes?
Missed classes will not be refunded.

Is there any additional cost involved for worksheets?
No, there is no extra cost for the worksheets. Families would require a home printer to make copies of worksheets emailed to them by the MONTLE Team.

Will I get an update on my child’s progress?
You will receive an email on Friday evening with a summary of your child’s weekly activities and new lessons presented.

Should the parents help the child with their work during the virtual class?
Montessori encourages the child to practice the materials/activities on their own leading to their independence, by building confidence & self-esteem. Since the virtual class is a different setting than the usual Montessori classroom, parents can be around to step in when the teacher requests them to do so. Otherwise, it is highly recommended for the child to follow the teacher’s directions and work on their own without any interruptions. (Safety with scissors can be monitored by the parents during the virtual class.)